Mental Health Services

Mannum Medical can arrange a Mental Health Care Plan which you can then use to book with a Mental Health Social worker/Psychologist or Psychiatrist of your choice. We currently have the services of Jason Sargent an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (Clinical) who visits two days a fortnight. Jason does charge a gap unless you…


 Both public and private Podiatrists attend the Medical Centre.


Both public and private Physiotherapists are available, they consult at the Lester Howie clinic. Private physiotherapy is booked direct with Rosalie Story and the Public physiotherapist is booked via Country Health Connect.

Hypertension & Asthma

For those investigating blood pressure issues or breathing issues, an appointment with our trained nurse to fit a 24hour blood pressure monitor or have a breathing test can be arranged. Speak with your Doctor first to arrange a referral.

Chronic Disease Management

Our Care Plan Clinic nurses and your Doctor can tailor a plan to assist with care for people with a chronic medical condition. They may be able to get Medicare benefits to cover allied health services that help manage their condition. A chronic medical condition is one that has been, or is likely to be, present for…

Childhood Immunisation

Childhood Immunisation can be booked with any of our doctors who are assisted by a clinic nurse to ensure your child is kept up-to-date with their required immunisations.

Communication Policy

Our practice endeavours to provide patients with access to timely advice or information about their clinical care via the telephone. The urgency of a patients needs are determined promptly. We aim to communicate effectively over the telephone and use simple, straight forward language and check that patients have understood what has been said.
Electronic communication provides a useful and alternative point of access for our patients. Our patients have the option to contact or be contacted by our practice through electronic means via email and SMS. Our patients are informed of the risks associated with some methods of electronic communications and that their privacy and confidentiality may be compromised. Patients must agree via signing patient form. Our practice adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), the Privacy Act 1988. The practice may become liable for the contents of any email message under certain circumstances and therefore an email disclaimer is inserted into the signature of all practice emails. Email and SMS between the practice and the patient, including any action taken in response to the message/s are included in the patient’s medical record. Our Practice uses Fax as its main communication tool.
Our practice aims to ensure all patient messages or other communications including emails that require subsequent follow-up by a doctor or other staff member are responded to in a timely manner. All messages from patients, to patients, or about patients become part of the patient’s health record, in addition to any actions taken in response to the message.
Our aim is to facilitate optimal communication opportunities with our patients. Patients who do not speak or read English or who are more proficient in another language, or who have special communication needs are offered the choice of using the assistance of a language service to communicate with the GPs or clinical team members.
Our practice encourages and supports the use of digital technology to enable our patient with 24-hour access to our appointment system. Our practice allows patients to book their healthcare appointment with their preferred healthcare provider online via the booking page on our website or direct with HotDoc.