Most consultations are by appointment to avoid keeping patients waiting. Should you attend without an appointment, we do our best to meet your needs, without delaying other pre-booked patients.

Current fees are on display at each of the reception desks. We accept cash, cheque, some credit cards and Eftpos. We encourage you to pay on the day of the consultation. If you are having financial difficulties please discuss this with your doctor.

Not all our doctors bulk bill Centrelink issued card or under 16 patients, please ensure you check when making an appointment of any costs that may be involved.

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Languages other than English

we have doctors who are able to assist in translating;

Dr Hamoudi Aldyni - Arabic

Please check at the time of booking if the required doctor is available. We also have access to the National Translating and Interpreter Service and the National Auslan Interpreter Booking Service, again advise at the time of booking (if possible) if required.


New patient registration form


When you first visit the Mannum Medical Centre you will find a friendly clinic focused on you and your family’s care. You will initially be asked to complete/submit a patient information form (a copy of the form can be printed off above). Depending on your area of concern – cardiology, diabetes, obstetrics, skin cancer, sleep disorders or psychological disorders – you will be directed to one of our Doctors at Mannum Medical Centre for an initial consultation. You can discuss your condition in detail with our highly-skilled and experienced doctors.

The doctor will conduct a physical examination during your first visit and review your previous medical reports. You may be advised to undergo certain diagnostic medical tests to confirm your condition. Your doctor may also outline the available treatment options to you for your particular condition. If you are advised to undergo certain outpatient procedures or screening tests during your first visit, you will be given a follow up appointment to go over the test results and discuss treatment options.

For all appointments please call 08 8569 0222.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment for registration and to complete a health questionnaire.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Doctor's will not issue a prescription for an Authority script without your complete medical history.


For the best of care it is important to advise reception of the nature of the appointment you wish to make, this ensures enough time can be allocated with the Doctor to complete the consultation. This also gives the Doctor some insight into what to expect and prepare themselves and any equipment that may be required for the consultation.


ANY results from a test or specialist visit must be given by a Doctor and require a follow up appointment, please make the appointment a couple of weeks after your test.


Require an appointment with a Doctor.

It is in your best interest to see a Doctor each time you require a script for medication.


Require an appointment with a Doctor.

This includes if it is a follow up requested by the specialist and it has been more than 12 months since the initial appointment with the specialist.


Please contact a nurse at the clinic who will discuss with the GP. The GP will decide if a home visit is necessary and safe and reasonable to do so. When requesting a home visit please explain the urgency and location. It may be that an alternative of a GP Healthline, telehealth service, after-hours clinic or transfer by SAAS is of more benefit.